Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buy World of Warcraft Gold Ohio House of Representatives

Buy World of Warcraft GoldOHIO: Bill Ohio goes further than Wisconsin, which prohibits collective bargaining for 42,000 state employees and 19,500 employees college system. For local governments, negotiations with unions representing about 300,000 workers, including police, firefighters and teachers in public schools bill supports and other benefits on the negotiation process. It denies them the right to strike.

The bill passed the Senate on March 1. Ohio House of Representatives shall meet at least a week of hearings on the bill, according to a spokesman for Republican President William G. Elder lot. A date for a vote has not been set. Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio said he supports the measure.

* IDAHO: The Idaho State Legislature passed a bill to limit collective bargaining by public school teachers. The measure restricts collective bargaining on wages and benefits, elimination of the negotiation of provisions such as class size, workload of teachers and promotions. Butch Otter, Republican governor to sign it into law quickly.

* IOWA: The House of Representatives debated a bill to stop collective bargaining rights for public sector workers was approved by the working committee. The bill excludes health insurance from the scope of collective bargaining, and other changes. The Democrats who control the Senate have said they intend to bring the bill to the debate.

WoW Gold* Michigan: both houses of Michigan, the legislature has taken steps to ensure that the State Emergency Powers Act to break union contracts to revive failing schools and cities. There are small differences in the laws passed two rooms, which must be reconciled. New Republican Governor Rick Snyder said he supports the measure.

* Indiana: Republican state legislators to push several measures to limit the influence of unions. The State Senate passed legislation that limits the extent of public school teachers collective bargaining rights. The measure must still be approved by the State House, but House Democrats have left the state to withhold votes on bills that they say limits the rights of workers. A bill would create a national school voucher system.

* New Hampshire: the right to work bill, which applies only to public sector workers to prohibit collective bargaining agreements that require workers to join unions. It is also said that no public servant of the Union is to represent workers who choose not to join or pay dues. 'S past the Parliament and the next goes to the Senate. Both the Republican majority in the legislature, but Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, said he did not support the bill.WoW Gold Cheap

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